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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 12, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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african-americans. >> sean: he said good things but he said anti-at the mid i can things. >> i don't like some of the comments he made. he has his first amendment right to do that. >> greta is next. >> greta: tonight, why are they talking about burning bras. >> why aren't they burning bras when a conservative woman is attacked? >> controversy sparked by rush limbaugh and hot topic. we're going to hear more from the views of elizabeth hasselbeck. romney picks up a new endorsement. who is it. he is a comedian and he is smarter than a fifth grader. and civil rights or plain politics, justice department makes its move. they are smoking mad. that is coming up but first, former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins us. good evening? >> how are you? >> greta: very well. tough news, bloody rampage in
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afghanistan. 16 dead. nine children end the age of two. three women shot in the head. should we get out of afghanistan now? >> think i we're going to have to get out of afghanistan because we won't be able to solve the problems. i think it's tragic what happened. we have to be committed to justice and we have to be committed to finding out exactly what happened. i think we have to express condolences and pay some sort of come pen ig saying. we are dedicated protecting the innocent. it is the opposite, hamas, hezbollah, al-qaeda, taliban model which is to kill the innocent and we have to live up to our values. >> greta: you say we have to get out soon. my blog, it's 90% say get out now. not that is scientific. people want to know why are we
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there. what is our mission? >> here is the challenge we have. given the president said he wants to get out. given we're not going to do anything to to fundamentally change afghan culture. if anything we're going to reinforce afghan culture. why are we risking the lives of young men and women. this is a very dangerous environment and where the anti-american sentiment could accelerate very dramatically. we need to understand how dangerous this is and we have active enemies that want to fan every single flame against us. i don't see a positive argument for risking lives of young americans in this environment with the absolute lack of strategy on part of president. >> greta: what f you were president what would be doing in the next few days, tell pooh me your plan for afghanistan. >> i would be asking the generals for the fastest, safest route to be able to pull out of
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the country and to basically tell karzai he is going to figure out how to survive. when you have an afghan soldier killing the people who are training them, afghan government backing the religious fanatics in which was a phony explosion. qurans had first been did he faced by muslims, prisoners to transmit communication. nobody spoke out against that. we are very dangerous slippery slope that has led to the worst parts. but i think we need to rethink our whole strategy for the middle east. why i have been advocating an independent energy policy. we need to go back to be the world's leading oil producer and no president bows to a saudi king or intimidated by anybody in that region. >> greta: one last question on afghanistan. i was in afghanistan with secretary of state clinton and
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the women said don't leave us. she said that the american people would not abandon the women of afghanistan. its abundantly clear, i think the minute we move out of there the taliban rolls back in and we're back to the situation with the women of afghanistan. what do we tell them as we leave? >> i think its tragic situation. i don't see any evidence that karzai is prepared to protect women. that they will change society. we're losing lives of young men and women in a mission, i don't understand, given the current rules of engagement and what we're doing, i don't see a path ahead that leads to a path to dramatically change afghanistan. >> greta: energy policy, i know you went back and forth with jay carney. something to the effect, you used the word lie, to get down
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to $2.50 a gallon. i know you don't think its lie. tell me why you think he is wrong about that. >> it's ironic, steven moore reported that the amount of oil we think is in north dakota is actually 160 times as much as they thought were there ten years ago. every time they turn around, increasing the amount of oil we have available. amount of oil we have available in the monterey formation in california may be 80 billion barrels. we have several formations in texas that may be as big or bigger than north dakota. fact is president of united states is committed to a very left wing policy of higher and higher gasoline prices. his secretary of energy has said publicly he wants to see it european level which is $9-10 a gallon. the president refuses to accept the fact that drilling could make an enormous difference. that the pipeline from canada
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could make an enormous difference. president's solution is algae. i don't think ale is going to replace oil in the future. >> greta: i don't see how it could be political suicide, president's energy policy. i would think if he really does want high prices, he wants high prices after the election because last thing he wants high prices now. how do you reconcile your thought. i can't believe he wants high prices because it means he won't get re-elected? >> if you read his energy prices, he he can't reconcile it. his secretary of energy testified in the house, very specifically said, he is not in the business of lowering the price of gasoline. he is in the business of doing a replacement for gasoline. that is the secretary of energy. we have a plan. i have outlined the plan.
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you can go and see a speech that walks you through how to make an enormous increase in energy supply. 11% of reduction has led the price to drop dramatically. if it dropped the same as natural gas it would be $1.13 a gallon. people can't say drilling doesn't matter. we have gone from a seven years supply to 125 years supply just in the last giad. same thing can be happening in oil if you had an administration that wanted to develop it. >> greta: within hours the polls will open. right now as i understand you you and governor romney are neck and neck. tell me, i know you are going to win both states but tell me why i should believe you. >> we think we have a good chance to win both states.
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but in terms of the nomination, governor romney will get at most three delegates. he may than the front-runner but the weakest front-runner as leonard wood in 1920 and i think he is more likely to be a front-runner not finishing the race. >> greta: earlier today, with neil cavuto they asked governor romney santorum would be a vice president choice for him. he said no. that brings up the quo question, you floating the name of governor rick perry as your vice presidential choice. tell me your reflection on the statement of santorum and we'll get to perry with you. >> i'm not with perry, it's way to premature to talk anybody about anything.
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governor romney needs to win the nomination to pick whoever he wants to or he thinks would be a good vice president. that is his call. my point is i think he is a long way from the nomination. much further than the establishment thinks he is. if you count the legally bound delegates hearing is has long road. like him, i'm not worried very much who the vice president but what is the path of nomination. >> greta: i'm sure you've seen the pundits, they have said he was the finish front-runner and essentially you and santorum will be leaving the race at some point. tell me how he doesn't get it. explain that to me? >> getting fewer delegates he needs, he would like say santorum can't get there. gingrich can't get there. paul can't get get there. but the combination of the three is moving having more votes than he does. when you look at the second half think of louisiana as the equivalent of half time in a
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football game. first half was actually better territory for romney in the second half. i think as we go through the second half it gets harder and harder to get to a majority. >> greta: i know you wants more debates. do you think you'll get more debates? >> that is up to romney and santorum. if they are afraid to debated gingrich, it's going to be tough to debate obama. we've got a lot of rallies. i think we're getting our message of $2.50 gasoline and i'm going to focus on big solutions. i think we do have a chance here to really break loose and i'm looking forward to tomorrow night and going on to louisiana. >> greta: what it would it mean if you win by a point or two or if you lose a point or two, what
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does it mean to you or governor romney? >> it would be so close. everybody would move forward. for romney if he gets a third or less of the total delegates, that is not front-runner status. it continues to illustrate he has much bigger mountain to climb than his new york donors and advisors would like you to believe. >> greta: prime minister cameron is in the united states, will the discussion between the two of you? >> first will be the world economy. what is happening with the euro, dangers of collapse of greece. second would be american energy plan and what is happening in the gulf, persian gulf with the iranians and what is happening in the entire middle east. the third would be, to rebond. you remember it is president obama who sent winston churchill
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statue back to the british embassy. i would ask them to loan it back to us. >> greta: any thought to prime minister netanyahu's visit last week? >> i think netanyahu said quite clearly he is going to act in israel's interest and president says he hopes it's not until after the election. he can't take any risk of a second holocaust. the moment unions has crossed the red line, he'll strike without any regard w to the obama administration. >> greta: on wednesday night, will you do on the record after the two primaries? >> i think you asked me. i already said yes. we'll work out something out. you are shameless in doing this on the air. >> greta: you do what you have to do. thank you. >> hours to go before the doors open in the polls, romney's
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campaign getting star power. jeff foxworthy endorsed romney. he hit the campaign trail the in both alabama and mississippi. >> i was available to avoid politics for 53 years, somebody said what are you doing now? the scenes it's too important. this party divided, united behind the right candidate, we are a powerful force. >> greta: governor romney and new englander has been trying to move votes. they are teaching him to speak southern. and g.o.p. presidential candidates are dancing on the table about this one. a new survey shows a record number of americans strongly disapprove of the way president obama handling of the economy. a majority of americans, 59%
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give president obama negative rate ogh economy. only 38% approve of his performance. why? the story is gas prices, two-thirds of americans, 65% say they disapprove the way the president is handling gas pump prices and 26% approve. chief political correspondent, by ron york joins us. these numbers, are they as stunning as we look at them as they look to me. >> they are really bad for the president. i think the reason they are bad, listen to the republican candidates. they are tying the rising gas prices to specific actions by obama and his administration. it's not just some uncontrollable outside force. they are saying that gas prices are rising because things the administration has done, not pursuing the pipeline. shutting down drilling in deepwater offshore areas. not pursuing more exploration in
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places where there is a newly discovered oil and gas. so the republicans are scoring points because they are specifically tying what is happening to things the president has done. >> greta: and president can't be held accountable for military action in iran which has some impact on the numbers. the president, i don't know how he recovers from that one. he is getting hammered for that. >> not every world event can the president control, but the problem is president has done things on energy policy after this spill in the gulf of mexico. the decision on the keystone pipeline, we just saw 10 democrats in the senate go over to the republican side on this. i think it's fair to say the president is ultimately going to lose on that in congress long before the election. the problem with him and the
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polls and gas prices right now is that people seem to be specifically blaming him for what is going on. >> greta: if you know within president obama's campaign, what is the reaction? >> he said look, gas prices rise and they fall, every time they rise, some politicians trying to make political hay out of it. that is what we're seeing right now. president himself did it as a candidate in the past. here again, there is not a whole lot of things he can do immediately. he could release some oil from the strategic oil reserve a very short term solution. beyond that he can't do a whole lot other than change some of these policies. these policy changes would not result in gas prices falling immediately, but you have to remember, ten years ago environmentalists said look even if we begin to drill in the
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alaska wildlife refuge it would take ten years to show up in the lower 48. so again, fairly compelling argument. >> greta: alabama, any thoughts about the election or the primary? >> just came back from a forum in downtown birmingham where the former speaker, newt gingrich and rick santorum both appeared. i have to say that former speaker got a more enthusiastic response although santorum was well-received. the position are quite interesting they show almost a dead heat. the rasmussen poll showed them very close. there is no way to say what is going to happen. >> greta: do they expect a big turnout? >> yeah, people seem to be fairly interested. i must say a zillion robo calls
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where i'm staying. it's impossible to escape the political campaign if you are staying here in alabama. >> greta: byron, thank you. >> obama administration takes on state of texas. gregg abbot goes on the record next. they served on the front lines of iraq. now a marine is fighting to save her service dog. so why is the military giving her a hard time. sn former intelligence chief, bombing iran is the stupidest idea he ever heard. why? you'll find out. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
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>> greta: obama administration says no to texas, they are blocking a photo requirement for texas votes. why? justice department officials say the new texas law discriminates against hispanic voters, they say they are as much 120% more likely than none hispanics more likely to lack an i.d.. they are not happy with the justice department, attorney
7:23 pm
general abbot joins is us. the department of justice said you didn't prove that your new photo i.d. was not discriminatory against hispanics. tell me why you disagree with them? >> greta. this is just politics. this is part of obama's ongoing war against the state of texas. listen, voter i.d. and having to present a voter i.d. when you go vote is something that almost everyone agrees upon. in the state of texas 75% of the people agree that you should post a photo i.d. when you vote. this has been upheld as constitutional by the united states supreme court for other states. if this is legal and okay for other states, certainly it should be okay for the state of texas. importantly, if you look the united states supreme court decisions issued just a few years ago, a voter identification requirement is race neutral way of ensuring the integrity of the ballot box.
7:24 pm
>> greta: one of the things, you can go to the u.s. district court in washington. do you intend to do that? >> yes. i've already filed a lawsuit in washington, d.c. seeking pre-clearance from that court. texas is one of the state that has to get pre-clearance before we can implement voter i.d. like other states, indiana and kansas already have it implemented for this cycle but texas that is to go through this process. the oral argument before the supreme court two months ago, seems like the pre-clearance standard puts us at a disadvantage compared to other states and what is being borne out where texas is a disadvantages to get other states that gets to impose this law to ensure integrity at the ballot box. >> i'm trying to figure out how much it costs.
7:25 pm
what i can tell is voter doesn't possess any photo identification that the least expensive option is to spend $22 on a copy of the voter's birth certificate. is that down, we are $22 and where we get the $22 for each person. we're talking about $22s a person? >> it is far cheaper than that. that is one of several factual misstatements that is contained in a document filed by the department of justice. what that refers getting a copy of your birth certificate if you feel you need that, tracing back to what we're talking about here. for those that don't possess a driver's license or other photo i.d. or a passport, texas is willing to give you one of those for free. one of the ways you can get that photo i.d. is having your birth
7:26 pm
certificate but there are other ways. just getting to the texas department of public safety, your voter registration card is enough for you to get the photo i.d. it on will cost you nothing. >> greta: can you get it the day before the election or day of the election if you with a still want to vote that day. i'm trying to figure out what the barriers might be. can you get on election day? >> greta, you can get it's after the election. if you don't have a photo i.d. or the day of the election, you get a provisional ballot and get the photo i.d. after the election takes place. that is how easy it is. there is no excuse, there is no obstacle. it's easy for anyone to get this. >> greta: attorney general, thank you and we're going to follow the case flew the district of columbia.
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>> greta: united states marines leaves no man behind bs and for this marine, that is her best friend, her service dog that served with her in iraq. she has helped her hunt for ides in iraq. both were severely injured. she was discharged in 2007 and sergeant rex is getting to retire now. she was wants to adopt the dog but there is a lot of military red tape. >> marine corps with the whole military, this is not the first priority. a lot of times, it gets lost in the shuffle of things. >> right now the military still evaluating and wants to make sure he safe for adoption but
7:32 pm
it's a slow process and she is anxious to give him a good home. it's time for him to relax. >> in weeks, national health care law, today we are finally finding out how insurance exchanges will work assuming the supreme court does not throw out the law. each state must set up online coverage. what is the price tack for that. obama administration put $800 million of your tax money. congressional republicans are not happy about that. they say you new health lieu costs too much. lindsay graham possible towed facebook, obamacare was supposed to lower premiums $2500 but they have risen. is there any wonder we are having an anemic economic recovery. author of that. thank you for being here.
7:33 pm
$800 million. >> $800 million is for those sthiats that don't want to set up. state like south carolina refused to set up the exchange, federal government will set one up for south carolina. that is what $800 million is for. they have a bronze, silver and gold medal requirement. if you are health care plan, that doesn't match the mandate that obama has created for those three plans you lose your health care. you wouldn't lose your choices premiums would go down. premiums have gone up and mandate is created by it millions won't meet them. >> greta: how do the democrats talking about this? >> there are a lot of more
7:34 pm
purple state democrats, running into the headwinds of obamacare. this was supposed to be deficit neutral. they didn't count things. it's got about $140 billion deficit that we know of. so this thing is not living up to to it. we were promised certain things and they are not going to happen. i think it will be the defining issue in 2014. >> greta: afghanistan, horrible news, what should we do? >> number one, the military justice process will work. i've been a defense lawyer and military judge. >> what about afghanistan. >> he will be tried by a military. if there is a mental issues, defense counsel will be appointed, he will be given a fair hearing, what he did doesn't represent who we are. there are thousands acts of kindness every day by military members and civilians working on
7:35 pm
behalf of afghanistan. afghan people know that. taliban will try to exploit that we've been there a long time doing a lot of things. this won't taint the reputation of our military. he will be dealt with firmly and get a fair defense. he'll be tried in our military justice system. if there are mental issues he'll have a chance to raise those. >> greta: how many times have you been there? >> i've been there dozen times. if we lose, hell will break out in the world. if we leave that place without keeping taliban and al-qaeda from taking over the country those women will be treated poorly. pakistan falls next. general allen will be testifying next week. the only thing is to ask the public, we have a chance to lose this place with a counterterrorism force less than 20% of what we have now all we
7:36 pm
need to secure the country. by then, they will be ready to be in the lead and they can fight the taliban with our help with a small counterterrorism force. we can leave with honor and security. if we pull out too quickly like obama is trying and republicans are saying pull the plug. >> greta: if you look -- i urged viewers to vote on it. >> let me tell you, there are great people. i know you are tired and you have doubts but general allen has good plan. if we fail in afghanistan it breaks apart. kandahar falls apart and the taliban on the pakistan side gets stronger and they'll go to islamabad and iranians will say, why should i worry about america coming after me. look at syria, iraq they left, now afghanistan. if you want to prevent iran getting a nuclear weapon.
7:37 pm
80% of people in afghanistan hate the taliban but they need the ability to fight back. >> greta: thank you sir. is time running out for israel to do a preemptive strike on iran? one word he uses, is stupid. rush limbaugh, struck a controversy. jou elizabeth hasselbeck. what is he is saying? you'll hear from her coming up. uhh! [ alyson ] just keep walking... ♪ oh, come on! ♪ ugh, again! [ sniffs ] that's what i'm talkin' about. [ female announcer ] new head & shoulders green apple, with an enticing scent. works on the scalp for up to 100% flake-free hair that's irresistibly fragrant. [ both laugh ] [ female announcer ] new head & shoulders green apple.
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of the new ipad in every country where the devices to go on sale on friday. they have delayed shipments in order to meet demand. ipad sold out first day last year. and plane maker boeing received far fewer subsidies than it's european rival. find fox business in your area, log on to fox, giving you the power to prosper. >> greta: for years the mission was to prevent iran from develop a nuclear bomb. his work was hundred percent secret. now, the former chief of israeli security what he said may shock
7:43 pm
you. >> in iran, exploring all other approaches is not the way how to do it. >> the regime in iran is a very rational regime. >> do you think mahmoud ahmadinejad is rational? >> yes. not exactly our rational but i think he is rational. do you think they rational enough to back down from this? >> no doubt, the iranian regime maybe not exactly rational base on what i call western thinking, but no doubt they are considering all the implications of their actions. >> greta: what do you think of what the israeli intelligence chief is saying? is there time for diplomacy with iran or has it run out, congressman alan west joins us. a surprising statement, isn't it? >> yes, it's very surprising.
7:44 pm
good evening. glad to be with you. i'm not going to get into the internal political bottles but i do find the fact that he said mahmoud ahmadinejad is rational as well as that bureaucratic political totalitarian ideology which is controlled by the mullahs i don't find that rational either. we have to understand the theory of mutually assured destruction which existed with the soviet union, that does not play when you look at theocracy that iran is. they are banking on the return of this hidden imam, when you understand that, and event may bring that about. we have to take them serious for who they are and what they say. prime minister netanyahu 15 to 16 years ago was talking about the iranian threat. time is running out. i think it would be a very stupid thing not to take them for who they are and what they
7:45 pm
intend to prom you will gate. >> one of the most difficult things as i look for me, i don't have a sense of the time line. is iran going to have nuclear weapon capability, three weeks, three months, three years? that time line makes a big difference to me in terms what i would think we should do. is the intelligence has not been not forthcoming publicly. i don't feel like president obama is in the same place on intelligence as netanyahu. i don't think they have the same numbers. >> i would defer to prime minister netanyahu. that is his neighborhood. i think he is well aware. you look at what has happened in the last 36 hours. over 100 mortars and rockets came flying into israel from gaza strip and those came from terrorists who are backed by iran. we know iranian revolutionary
7:46 pm
guard is helping shore up assad. we are seeing their dominance and there is a cleanup effort coming from a neutron device that is used to initiate a nuclear weapon of some sort. that happened just last week. i think now comes a time when we can't be so chamberlin and trust there is a piece in our times. >> greta: it's awful hard you look at all the factors, one that weighs in my thinking, mahmoud ahmadinejad has said that he wanted to wipe israel off the map. there is has been no effort to back off from that. he hasn't said he changed his mind or overspoke, he has never as far as i can see, that is sitting out there. that direct threat. >> you are absolutely right. history has shown us when you
7:47 pm
try to compromise or negotiate with a madman or dictator, it never ends up very well. we have to come to grips with the fact that before there was al-qaeda, islamic terrorist group that brought about serious casualties and death against american soldiers and sailors and marines was hezbollah and backed by iran. we have been sort in of a war with them for quite some time since they took the hostages back in the 1970s. >> what would you do for syria, would you military strikes or wait and see attitude. >> no, i would not get involved with syria. you have to understand that you would be stepping into a world war three scenario. you have the iranian revolutionary guards on one side backing up assad. we now know you have radical terrorists, we believe al-qaeda with the freedom fighters.
7:48 pm
if you are going into syria, you need to know exactly what the situation is on the ground and who you are supporting. we don't cede knee need to see a repeat of libya and we don't need to violate the war powers act again. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> straight ahead, elisabeth hasselbeck, she has a burning question for feminists who are criticizing the radio host. just when you saw thought it was safe to go into the water. what exactly that in the water. stay tuned to find out. i'm a marathon runner,
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... >> greta: here is the best of the rest. it's not over yet. some famous feminists including jane fonda is calling for rush limbaugh to be taken off the area. the women of the view are getting in the debate and elisabeth hasselbeck talked about it. >> the sisters say to get off the air. my question to them is, why are they so direct in their feminism and why aren't they burning their bras when a conservative women is attacked on tv or
7:53 pm
radio? it seems to be a woman in this case seems to be just a citizen so i get that. but i have not heard their voice equally for women on other side of the political aisle are attacked. >> greta: she goes on to say if you claim to be a feminist. >> they are becoming the best of friends. they decided to give an elderly gorilla a bunny rabbit. samantha is too old to be paired with gorilla so they introduced her to panda the rabbit. she is getting along great with the bunny. >> here is something you don't see every day. take a look at this. unbelievable video. this is a school of 50 sharks on a feeding frenzy.
7:54 pm
it was taken by a rescue hospital. what was on the sharks menu? tuna. >> and coming up, we turn down the lights but hot career, it takes a superstar like tom hanks to teach a lesson. that is very funny video is next. ♪ oh, my maltipoo's depressed. but my affordable prius c means i can pay for his acupuncture. whew. i love my pooch. oh no! my homemade sushi... turned p-ushi! use estimated 53 mpg to find a gluten-free alternative. look, this means i'm a chef. [ male announcer ] be a winner with the all-new prius c from toyota. ♪ [ woman speaking indistinctly over radio ] home protector plus from liberty mutual insurance...
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7:59 pm
and i used to carry both of them around and i'd ask people do you want to meet the kick-ass twins? huh? but anyway... i stopped doing that a few days ago. i learned my lesson and so have you. you have mastered the role of a mature, caring man. i would like you to have this. >> your oscars? sure, yeah. >> no! just kidding! you lost, man. you don't get no oscar. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. there is a poll on greta about whether we should get out of afghanistan now or another time. and tomorrow i'm going to bring you results as they come from theba


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